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Hey, wanna talk to friends all over the world online?  Here's it for you to enjoy freindly conversation and also practice communicating in different languages. And what's most surprising is that you have a free-of-charge membership plan as well! Read our concept and if you support our way of communication, come join us to have some fun together!


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How to join the SSs┃SSへの参加方法

1. First, please read our concept, our system, our schedules, and sign up!


2. We will send you a guidance email eithier in English or Japanese.


3. You will join the meeting using a video meeting app. You don't need to get your own account with this app., so it's very easy to attend the session. We'll send you a URL of the meeting, so click and download the app before you join. It's a snap!


4. What you need to prepare is just two tools: a smartphone or ipad or computer with a function of camera; earphones with mic.


5. Basically, each SS will be 40 minutes. We might divide into smaller groups in case we have too many people at one SS.


1.まず、私たちのコンセプトシステムとプラン開催スケジュール を読んで、 メンバー登録 を行ってね。










SS Rules ┃ セッション・ルール

・Please wear earphones to avoid accoustic feedback.


・Either your communication gadget or earphone needs a mic to make yourself heard to everyone.


・Let's listen to each other's topic carefully.


・Please follow the instruction of the facilitator to keep a conversation smooth.


・As long as you belong to our community, everyone is your friend. Let's be nice to each other.


・Any kind of solicitation unrelated to SoC English Cafe or Cafe Worldwide is strictly prohibited.