Our Concept


True friendship is what makes us humans.



Everybody knows what is right, but nobody knows how to live up to it.


There are tons of problems before us, and everyone seems to know how to deal with them. It's simple and clear as snow, but some people somehow likes to leave things to be complicated. They want to believe that they are smart enough to solve the puzzles, but I'll tell you, it's not a puzzle, it's simple as rain falls and water flows down the river, and the principles never work the opposite way.




Stop blaming politics like a crying baby asking for mother's milk, coz they're not your mom.


The solution is not in the politics. Asking for redistribution of wealth is way too lame, because everyone says they want to help people in need, but nobody dares to give away more than a half of the wealth they've got. So we shouldn't expect this miracle to occur some day.


Furthermore, if you have been not so well off and get significant amount of money one day all of a sudden, you'll just waste all of them and soon find yourself broke again. Money requires some financial literacy before you can actually handle it, and it's not something you can learn at a desk, because the root of stupidity is lustfulness and greediness. You need to be capable enough to own money and the power that comes along, not to let them own you.


And if most of us are stupid enough not to be able to handle money and power, how can democracy work efficiently? Opinions are made, and votes are collected. Somebody is pulling the wires, and we are all dancing. Democracy itself is basically an illusion if we're not equally smart and rich. Our politicians are not serving the public if they are also full of lust and greed. So what do you expect out of politics when we all are not perfect?









Money might buy you food, but money isn't enough to make you happy.


Hey capitalism, you made us and the world fat as a hamburger. Yet we respect and appreciate what you've brought to everyone's lives, we might as well get back on our feet again and think what the monetary system is for.


Imagine the first humans who lived in a small village. They stuck to each other to save themselves from the possible attacks of wild beasts, and they collected nuts and herbs to survive. Nothing was owned, everything was to be shared.


As the community had gotten bigger, the strong and powerful guys started to use violence to control distribution of food and allocation of the land resources. They got the biggest share just by ordering other people to work hard, and some hardworking guys started to question the system in which they can get only a little piece of pie. And they armed themselves to turn it upside down.


However, the social classes were still immobile. The ruling class exploited the wealth and kept the people poor and powerless. So some brave guys stood up to voice out the rights and freedom on the people's side. They started to represent the people against the power, and eventually caused a revolution to get the power back to the people, and they named it a civil government. They've also promoted the monetary system that ended the barter economy and opened the opportunity for the people to go across the different social classes that had been fixed before by earning money and the power.


And the people came to worship money as god. They stopped helping others by sharing what they have, and the new rich made a new exploitation system. The rich guys let their money work for them to earn even more, and before they knew, they were collectively the ruler of the world with no sense of responsibility attached to their power. So this is how just one of the means to live with other people in the society turned to the ultimate purpose of one's life. 


And by nature, human beings were selfish. A great hero called Jesus showed the way for us to live together by sacrifying his own life for the others, people remained the same. And when some great virus was sent to attack human beings, some people stayed home in anger finding the target to blame, and some others tried to earn money out of other people's losses. There were great lessons, but they have never changed their nature.


So isn't it about the time to realize how deeply we are enslaved by the new god, money? Yes, money is not evil, they are good. But if everyone tries to just save themselves on other people's unhappiness, how evil the consequence of it can be? Now, what we have to learn is how we can let it go. If you are well off, let your money work for other people's happiness. Stop thinking about how to make your own profit bigger, because that's your social duty only given to the ones who hold a share of the new ruling power. If the money comes back to you with thanks and smiles, appreciate the fruit it will bring back to you, and reinvest the money for the sake of others, because that's the only way how we can work to save the world. Lust and greed in everyone's heart is creating the huge financial disparity, and all the elaborated efforts to cover up the greed with superficial beauty are making things look complicated. No, it's not. Go down on earth and give away the extra part of what you've got, and then you are over the passing human beings.

















Stop resorting to violence like bullying kids make bullied ones shut up.


Savage, savage, savage. Why do we still try to get armed to make others quiet and submissive? You don't want to die, and you don't want your family members to be killed. If we all know that, why would we do the opposite to the other people? I mean, read the Bible, asshole.


We've killed so many imaginary enemies by now, just to create bigger enmities. However, we're adults, not rebellious teens anymore. If you look at the aged societies we have here in Japan and many other countries, it is obvious that the world is damn aged and we're all supposed to be incredibly mature.


And we all know where all the hatreds come from. It comes from our narrow-mindedness. Let's say you live in an island where three tribes live close to each other. And you guys hate other tribes and try to be more powerful than them. However, one day a huge foreign boat comes close to the shore, and they are from another island. Then the three tribes get together to fight against the foreigners. It's understandable, because we have a fear that we might be back-stabbed by somebody who come close smiling. To protect ourselves, we minimize our mind scale, and this small mentality causes us to hate foreigners.


However, we need to grow up to admit that everyone is equally weak and insecure, and stop being armed to hide the weakness and fear inside. It's seriously uncool.











So if we are not resorting to those three, what can we count on? Yes, FRIENDSHIP.


As I've already said, we all know what's the simplest way to solve all these problems we're facing, and that's love and friendship with no sidedness but openmindness.


C'mon, you all know that. You don't wanna hurt somebody you love, and you want your friends to become happy as much as they treat you nicely to make you happy. 


Some people are smarter and richer than others, and some people are blessed to have much more than you do from the beginning. But that doesn't mean we can make friends over all the differences we have, because after all, we're all human beings that can love and accept each other.


SoC English Cafe was founded in 2015 around Tokyo, and since its very beginning, FRIENDSHIP has always been our community concept. It's not only a beatiful yet empty phrase to chant, because the concept and our system was integrated. It's not a free service as long as our staff team is working hard to give the members great opportunities to enjoy communication and also to improve language skills, we desrve being appreciated by getting paid the least. However, we don't set the price high as other businesses would do to maximize their profits. We support our friends without prioritizing to make ourselves rich. We try to give up on going for a profit, and the given-up part on our side is called FRIENDSHIP.


And now that the world is facing one of the biggest crisis in the modern history, we decided to open our online cafe named WORLDWIDE. For this service, the way to show your appreciation is not only by paying money. We all know that the income levels are different depending on where you are rooted in, and also a lot of people are now losing their jobs and incomes in the coronavirus shock. We don't want to stay in the culture enslaved by money god, because money is just a tool to live happily with friends, and friends always come prior to money. This is our flag of friendship, and we ask you to show your friendship flag by supporting us back through one of the ways below;


1. [Monthly Fee Plan] You can show your love towards this community by paying a monthly fee each month.


2. [Volunteer Plan] You can register as our volunteer staff to facilitate the meeting either in English or your mother tongue.


3. [Recruiter Plan] You can help us grow this friendship circle by making the people around you join our friendship community.


More about our plans in details


As long as we still live in the society where everyone lives on money, we also need income and the monthly fee membership helps us continue this activity. So we first ask you to join with the regular membership plan as long as you are financially stable. However, if you are financially unstable, you can also return the friendship gift by choosing to work with us as one of the volunteer staff or the recruiters.


So there's apprently a way for any of you to take part in this friendship circle and learn how to communicate in different languages, which would enrich your life and lead you to a broader future possibilities. We don't need any server nor customer here, but we want to get connected to the people all over the world as friends.


There are tons of problems in front of us, but they can be solved by a simple way if we let a part of our greediness go. Stop expecting the government to do everything for us, stop worshipping money and get back to what's most important for us, and get connected to the people all around the world to know that we're not enemies but friends!


Friends are there to help each other. If we can get connected as friends, we can change the world in the most positive way ever.












1. [月額プラン] 月謝を支払うことによって、このコミュニティへの愛着を表現。


2. [ボランティアプラン] 英語かあなたの母国語でミーティングを司会進行するボランティアスタッフとして登録する。


3. [リクルータープラン] オフラインの友人や、SNSなどを通じて、周囲の人達をこのコミュニティに招待することで、友人関係の輪を育てるお手伝いをしてもらう。