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We are currently holding English SSs and Japanese SSs. We are looking for the volunteer staff who can host SSs in other language as well.


Ongoing Sessions

English SS┃英会話SS

Japanese SS┃日本語SS

Italian SS┃イタリア語SS

Portugeese SS┃ポルトガルSS

Coming Sessions in the near future

Native speakers who want to take part in this community and hold one to two sessions per week in exchange for a free membership are welcome!

German SS┃ドイツ語SS

Spanish SS┃スペイン語SS

French SS┃フランス語SS

Chinese SS┃中国語SS

Korean SS┃韓国語SS

Arabic SS┃アラビア語SS

Russian SS┃ロシア語SS

More about the SSs

Check the SS schedule


Hindi SS┃ヒンズー語SS

More about the SSs

Check the SS schedule