Italian SS


Our Session Style


Our SS is not a lesson style, but a chat style. However, we don't want some people to dominate the conversation. We want everyone to take part in it, so our staff works as a facilitator to keep the conversation rolling.






SS Facilitation Staff



Staff of Cafe Worldwide. Born and currently live in Italy, near Milano. Majored in English and Japanese at his university.



Staff of Cafe Worldwide. Born in the southern part of Italy, and he currently lives and works in Australia.



We require all members to agree on the listed things below.


- Be nice friends with each other.

- Listen carefully to the others.

- Discussion is good, fighting is not acceptable.

- Let's be honest, no show-off is necessary here.

- Don't look down on other people.

- Don't hate or discreminate people depending on their races, nationalities, financial situations, thoughts and beliefs, and any kinds of attributes they have as a group or an individual.

- Sales or any kinds of business activities without a permission are prohibited.

- Any kinds of solicitations are prohibited.

- Any kinds of religious activities are prohibited.

- Here is not a place to pick up somebody, but if it's what you want, you can do it somewhere else.

- Try not to do things that you don't want others to do to you.




- 互いによい友人でいましょう。

- 他の人の言うことにちゃんと耳を傾けましょう。

- 議論はよいけれど、ケンカはダメよ。

- 正直でいよう、ここでは見栄は不要です。

- 他人を見下さない。

- 人種、国籍、経済状況、思想信条、その他グループあるいは個として持ついかなる属性によっても他人を嫌ったり差別したりしないようにしましょう。

- 許可なくセールス活動やあらゆるビジネス活動を行うことは禁じます。

- いかなる勧誘行為も禁じます。

- いかなる宗教活動も禁じます。

- ここはナンパの場所ではありません。ナンパしたい方は、別の場所でどうぞ。

- その他、自分がやられて嫌なことは他の人にもしないようにしましょう。