Staff Recruitment


Volunteer SS Facilitation Staff┃ボランティアSS進行スタッフ

We are currently looking for somebody who will hold SSs in English or in your own language for our community members. Your membership will be granted for free if you take charge of one SS a week on the fixed time and day.




Registered Language Tutors┃登録制の語学家庭教師

We are looking for a tutor of any language with some teaching experience. Once you are registered, your information will be on the tutors list and we'll introduce to you a student who want to get tutored from you.


You can set the price as you like, and you'll get 70% of the paid fee, while 30% will be collected as an administration cost. Transferring cost to your bank account will be deducted from your payment.






Social Media PR Squad┃ソーシャルメディアPR部隊

You can join the SMPR Squad and work with us to approach people on the web and have them join us to make our friendship circle bigger. You are required to join a weekly PR staff online meeting to get a free membership.




Staff Application Form┃スタッフ応募フォーム

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