Critical Thinking Session

Where does this info society lead us to?

   Nobody would disagree with the idea that all of us now live in the world of information. Infos are apparently flooded in our lives, and it is impossible to gather all the infromation about any issue, so we need some skills to pick up useful infos that matters to our lives.


    Before the emergence of the Internet, I was pretty behind others on keeping myself updated with the latest news and topics. One reason was that I was raised in a family that strictly kept me away from watching TV programs and reading comics or magazines everyone else was reading. Instead, I had plentiful of time to observe what was going around me and think about those things related to myself. I also learned to write down things in my mind to understand who I was. Even while other guys were studying hard for important exams, including the entrance exams to the universities, I found it meaningless to open the textbooks and memorize things written in them. Rather, I wanted to know the purpose and the meaning of my life.


    With the coming of the Internet era, I was pretty slow to catch up with its trends. For example, it was the year 2000 when I first got my PHS, and I changed my mobilephone to a smartphone first in 2010 but soon backed to a mobilephone and kept using it, until I permanently changed my communication gadget to another smartphone in 2017. It was then that I created my own LINE account for the first time!


    However, while I probably lack a decent respect for SNS tools, such as Facebook, Instagrams or Twitter, and for the communication gadgets like a smartphone of ipad, I've been conscious of the importance of Google, the king of the search engines. Among Apple, Google, Meta, Amazon, and other major tech companies, if I am to pick only one that would absolutely survive and prosper for the coming decades and more, it would be Google, in my opinion.


    The reason is simple: While Apple provides the bestseller fancy gadgets in the world, there would be a game change in which we will not be using those gadgets any further. What made the company an exceptionally excellent company was the brilliant gene of the founder, but he is gone, and so will be his legends. There is room for competition over the next ruler of the game, which means, they might lose the dominant position they have now at any moment in the future.


    Meta seems to be already out of the game to my eye. To be honest, I saw its fall coming much earlier. I have never thought the SNS to be permanently necessary in my life. In other words, it was annoying, to be honest. It was, to some extent, useful to get in touch with some people we haven't seen for quite a while, and to promote a business as long as they have a lot of active users on the platform. The company also purchased hopeless SNS named Instagram, which were apparently just a temporary fad, not the life-long necessity for the people. After all, Mark Zacherberg isn't making a smart decision. And if the top is not smart, the company will sink, sooner or later.


     Twitter was, is, and will be, a garbage. It's a fun and addictive platform, and it can be useful to communicate with random people on the platform. However, it can easily be replaced if the users would move from the platform to some other SNS. And the fact that Elon Musk bought the company shows that Musk is also to defame his own name. Just as Mark Zacherberg, he proved that his decisions are quite irrational. Tesla? We'll probably forget the name in decades.


    Amazon seems to be quite dominant and unstoppable, but I see some signs of falling to expect in the future. My intuition simply comes from my own experiences that I've lost faith in the platform. Yes, it is truly easy, useful, and quick to get what I want. However, you tend to stop using the service once you experienced a fraud deal on the platform. It is a little different from massive numbers of fraud cases on other free SNS in that we are using the place as an actual store. If the service is not safe and secure, nobody would repeat. And, by losing even a slight piece of their users, they would suffer bearing the costs to run the gigantic body of their business all over the world.


    Google is totally living on another planet in a good sense. They have brought a lot of positive and dynamic changes in our lives. Think of what we have, thanks to the platform. Needless to say, the opportunity to access and learn about almost anything in the world. Since day one to this day, their face, the top page, is white as snow, and the results reflect who we are, what we are looking for, and what we are doing. Who would think of let hundreds of thousands of cars equipped with a multi-angle camera run across the every single corner of all the towns in the world to provide online viewing of the whole world? How much cost would it pay for the project? And how much are we paying to use the service? About fifteen years ago, Tabelog or Retty were where people looked for a restaurant. What about now?Google map is the best thing you can have with you: It shows not only restaurants but shops, hotels, clinics, hair salons, and tour destinations to visit in the area. Just one tap on the location icon, you can see everything about the place, including people's reviewing comments. You can even ask the map to show you the route and guide you through to the destination, just as a car navigation would do, maybe with a better precision. Plus, think of what they've acquired, while Mark purchased Instagram and Elon bought Twitter. Yes, YouTube. Are there any hint of failure in the shopping? Not at all, at least at this point. It has massively empowered us, to the point we believe that it is part of our brain.


    Even without getting any insider leaks, you can learn about the company's future just by experiencing its service.


     As long as I believe, this information society will revolve around the axis named Google for decades and more. A lot of other services would become useless, sooner or later, because they are running their business on a good will to cause positive innovations in our lives.


1. What do you expect in the future of information technology and our lives?


2. Do you agree with me on the futures of those companies? Or do you have a different view?