Critical Thinking Session

Goals in 2023

   Now that we're at the beginning of 2023, I'd like to think together with you what we individually want to achieve this year. In other words, let's share our resolutions for this new year.


    When we think of goals, the first things that come up to mind usually are associated with sports games and business endeavours. To get a goal, or achieve your goal, you have to have clear rules based on scores or points. If it's a soccer game, shooting the ball into the goal net is exciting because it gives you a score count. If it's about a sales job, your goal must make the amount of money you want to earn very clearly. However, what about our personal lives?


    When it comes to things that are countable or measurable, they give you a clear-cut image of where you want to go, such as your body weight, running distance, number of times you engage in some practice, and so on. However, there are also things you don't usually attach numbers to, such as your mindset, character, habits, behaviors, ways of communication, and so on.


    So, I'd like to share my goals, one is countable, and the other one is uncountable.


     My countable goal for this year is: to increase the number of community members, ideally up to 1,000. I set this number because we now have about 100 members and make it ten times bigger is not going to happen naturally. By setting this number as a goal, I will need to thing out of the box.


    My uncountable goal for this year is: to make it shine. I know this is totally different from the countable goal I have, and it probably sounds quite vague. However, it has to do with light and darkness. Light makes things clearly visible, while darkness leave things invisible. Anxieties, worries, and suspicions also come from invisibility. Therefore, casting light to see things clearly will make your life much more a happy thing!



1. What are your countable goals and uncountable goals this year?