Critical Thinking Session

Process, most of the times, leads to a result, but what else?

   There is a proverb both in Japanese and English that conveys almost the same idea, and that is: All's well that ends well. On the other hand, there are so many words that refute the idea, saying that the process is much more important than the result itself.


    Now, this is a very interesting topic, because we all know that we need to make a lot of efforts in the process to achieve something that stands out. Even if you were naturally gifted, you are unlikely to achieve something outstanding without much hard work added to those talents within its process. However, the reality of this world seems to be a bit more complicated than such a simple equation.


    Other than process, there are some other factors that might hugely influence the results, such as an environment, your mindset, and the luck! For instance, if your parents are passionate about investing in what you are talented in and support you mentally, physically, and financially, you already have a ticket to ride the train that gets to the nearest station to your goals. However, if you feel it's not what you wish to do, your mindset wouln't be leading you to where you can get, and you'll get off the train before reaching your goals. And if an accident occurs on the way, the train would stop, and it's not going to take you to where you deserve.


    When we say, "All's well that ends well," maybe we aren't as serious as we should be, because it is often used as a way to justify negative approach or even evil acts done on its way. Rather, in my opinion, the basic idea it conveys is that a lot of hardships you might go through on the way will pay off after all, if it ends well!


    Vice versa, it is nonsense, apparently, to overvalue the process ignoring the results, because it simply allows you to make an excuse after losing the game. Only those who have done their bests can say that they have learned and gained out of the process.


    Japan has won the world cup group E tournament and grabbed a ticket for the knockout tournament. This is apparently owing to the enormous efforts they have made as individual players and as a team. However, those who lost the games against Japan weren't lazy bums. They are the bests in the world! The last thing that worked for Japan to win those games might not have been only the process, but their mindsets that summoned a victory and a bit of luck.


    At any rate, they've grabbed the ticket to the next! 


1. To win a desired result, what do you think is most important other than the efforts you've made in the process?


2. Do you think luck also matters to get a good result? Why do you think so?


3. Why do you think Japan could win those two games against European powerhouses?