Critical Thinking Session

Sushiro's case : What we should really think about is not only this silly boy

    Recently, there was a news about Sushiro, one of the most famous conveyer belt sushi restaurants, in which young boys were reportedly licked the mouth of a soysauce bottle and some mugs located at the table for customers. Needless to say, it is disgusting, and those guys should get some social punishment for sure. However, at the same time, we need to think of the reason why those things would happen.


    Let's admit that some boys are mischievous and would do silly things when they get together with other naughty kids. It is all about their common nature in boyhood, and it has been the same since we were much younger. Who would have never done any silly action? Nobody, I believe.


    So, maybe, just maybe, but they were not the first and only one to do that. I remember a one shocking scene from my childhood. One day, when I was hanging out with a silly boy named Hashimoto back in my elementary school days, he suddenly poked out his little thing and started peeing as he walked forward, marking a zigzag on the road. I was pretty shocked, and that's why I still clearly remember his silly smiley face and his terrible humming. And if he had a fun tool named SNS like those boys who shared their stupid actions in the restaurant, he would definitely go viral all over the Internet. Thank God he didn't have such a powerful toy!!!


    Man, this is crazy that we still don't understand how much power we, the ordinary people, were handed by the Internet. It is the same as giving a toddler a car key, saying they can enjoy driving, but hey, they can't! SNS is above their capabilities, and yet, they think they own the tool. If the video wasn't shared online, it is still a nasty thing to do, but the problem could be overlooked or forgotten soon.


    Just as a monkey given a nuclear button and doesn't know what the consequence of clicking on it would be, most of us are too much empowered far above our capabilities. 


1. What do you think of this problem that the super tools handed to us are far above our handling ability?


2. Do you think humans are going to be well-developed enough to handle those tools some day?