Critical Thinking Session

What to expect facing the coming of A.I. age?

   This week, there were lots of news around A.I. tech field, centering the launch of ChatGPT4 by OpenAI. Elon Musk and other important figures in tech field made a public annoucement collectively to temporarily stop the development of the most advanced A.I. fields, targeted at ChatGPT.


    People have various points of views on this matter, but let me share my view on this trend. Back in around 2016, when people started to talk about A.I. technology's threat, I took it a little bit more seriously than many others about this problem. For I have no skills to survive this digital era, especially due to a lack of programming skills, I thought to myself if I should start studying programming for the future. However, I ended up not following the digital trend that'll be renewed so quickly. I knew it was too late for me to step into that field. Instead, I took a position to engage in human activities, especially communication and entertainment. I instinctly knew that humans' part in society will largely change in future, and our role will be shifted from going to an office and work fulltime to enjoy and consume time and money, while robots are working for us humans.


    It would be a rough transit to go through, but what will come as a result of the transformation of society caused by A.I. is pretty self-evident. For example, let's say, if it takes three highly-paid professional workers to devote a half year to make a new business plan and strategy, but then A.I. does the same job within 60 seconds to build up the whole thing with much better quality, where would those three highly-paid people go? If the robot works for free while it costs 180,000 dollars to hire those three professionals, would the employer continue hiring them just to pay that amount for a work his robot can do? No. Then, what would happen to the sales? It would be likely that the A.I. would build up great promotion strategy as well, so the sales would at least stay the same level, if not tripling or more. Therefore, the same level of revenue will be made on much less human labors. If it happens to all the major companies, there would be a huge pool of money brought by A.I. in the market, and yet the receivers of it is limited. However, at this point, the economy will be malfunctioning since there are not so many people who can buy those servicees left! As a result, those pooled money will be distributed to humans to make them able to buy those products and services. How are they going to be redistributed? Basic income.


    Since then, my focus has been on activities people would like to enjoy using the huge amount of time given and decent amount of money to maximize their levels of happiness. I don't know what will occur to humans when they finally stop working, backed by a new slave system. And I'm not sure if they will stay slave to us, or we are slave to this new absolute king smarter than us humans. As our brain, they might assign us jobs such as woodcutting, construction, carpenting, and so on, because it's not just a robot anymore, but a godly intelligence. When it takes over the world, we might even stop worshipping money, our present god.



1. Do you think it's necessary to stop the development of advanced A.I.?


2. What do you expect in the future brought by the advancement of A.I. technology?