Critical Thinking Session

Why is it important for kids to study?

   Generally speaking, kids don't like studying. With plentiful of free time they have as a kid, studying is the last thing they would happily invest their time on their list of activities. While there are so many activities they would never be hesitant to spent time with, such as playing games, reading comics, hanging out with their friends just to kill time, watching videos, going out to fun places and playing their favorite sports, for some reason, it is difficult for kids to find studying entertaining. Today's main question is to ask the reason why it is important for kids to study, but before that, let's ask ourselves another "why" to start with. Why do they find studying less entertaining?


    To get close to the answer to the question, let's try to think otherwisely. Why do we find those fun activities so entertaining as to forget the passage of time? Neuroscientists would give an accademically convincing approach

to this topic, but I would like to argue experimental-wise here. First of all, let's think of the key to happiness.


    First, we feel happy when we are feeling ecstacy experiencing something extraordinary, such as when eating super delicious food dishes as a reward for your hard work, drinking a cold drink after running for an hour in the afternoon of summer day, doing something sweet and yet prohibited secretly, finally falling in love with somebody you've truly admired, applauded by the audience for your great performance on the stage, watching an unprecedentedly magnificent view from the top of the mountain, succeeded in what you've desired to achieve for a long time, and so on. They have a lot to do with a hard work before they can get the feeling of ecstasy.


    Second, you tend to feel happy when you're feeling comfy and there's nothing to worry about, such as sleeping in on weekends, reading a comic book in the early afternoon of your holiday, relaxed in a bath, getting a massage, sleeping in a car your dad drives that's headed to your family trip destination, drowsily half-daydreaming during a boring class lecture listening to chirpings of birds, resting in a camping chair feeling the early, fresh summer breeze, and there are a lot more! As you can see, most of them come from a relaxation and healings.


    Ironically, we are made to feel happy or unhappy when seeing ourselves in contrast to others. When somebody is having an extremely hard time, you feel relatively happy to be in your life. For example, you feel lucky to be born in Japan when seeing starving kids in Africa on the TV. Vice versa, seeing somebody spending extremely happily might make you feel miserable to lead an ordinary life. Such as seeing one's SNS friends having a blast, while you are stuck in your life, isn't really good for your mental health. These happiness or unhappiness shows that we have a habit to compare each other and feel good to position ourselves at a higher place than others.


    As we've seen, by nature, we are made to feel happy in three occasions.


1) When we achieve something after having made great efforts to get there.

2) When we are free from any sorts of stress or anxiety and totally embraced by a relaxing feeling.

3) When knowing you are doing better than some other groups of people.


    So the key to enjoy studying seems to be evident: Install all of those three aspects on your study system! And why is it important for kids to study? Oh well, now that the study system has been renewed, studying is important because it's what they love to do passionately!



1. Did you like studying when you were a student?


2. Considering those three aspects, how can we change the current school study system?