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We're English speaking community in Kanto area, and our concept is to meet genuine friends and spend happy time with them. Please understand that any acts of invitations or inducements are prohibited, no matter what purposes are. 

Do You Wanna Meat up!? or Meet up?

SoC Early Summer Barbecue Meetup on Sun, July 10!

Let's enjoy barbecue with us! 


Hi guys, we're SoC English Cafe, the English speaking community in Kanto-area. We're having a barbecue event for the second time this year at May 5! Check it out and if you wanna join us, please feel free to contact us:) Let's enjoy!


Group name: SoC English Cafe

Date: Fri, May 5, 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Cost: 3,000 yen 

・ Food and soft drinks are included.

・ Pay each time with cash for alcohol drinks

Place: Kitakoshigaya (At the river bank under the small bridge in front of Bunkyo University)




こんにちは、私たちは関東エリアの英会話コミュニティ、SoC英語カフェです。5月5日に今年2回目のBBQイベントをやります!チェックしていただいて、もしも参加したいと思ったら、気軽にご連絡下さい^^ 楽しみましょう!


◆グループ名: SoC英語カフェ

日時: 5/5(金)12:00-16:00

参加費: 3,000 yen 

・ フードとソフトドリンクの金額です。

・ アルコールは、都度都度キャッシュ・オンで。

場所: 北越谷(文教大学の目の前にある小さな橋の下の河原)


Join SoC Frined Member For Free! フレンドメンバーになる!

- This is not the application for the barbecue event. First, you'll be registered as one of SoC friend members, and then we'll inform you of our latest events with email and ask you to join each event!



メモ: * は入力必須項目です