New Year's Lunch SS! Lunch SS!

Date: 01/06/2023

Place: Big Mouse Coffee

Participants: Hamii, Mihoko, Hideko, Mami with two kids


Our first workshop this year was held on the 6th of January at this cozy wooden cafe near Sashiogi in Saitama!

The place is located in depopulated open area near Arakawa River, where you can also enjoy crisp air in the naturehood!

As you walk into the camping ground, there is a main building in which this beautiful coffee shop rests.

A black cat was yawning and feeding herself as he was caught sight of.

Pretty neat place to start a new year!

As we started to share our new year's resolutions, food on plates were delivered to the table!

Amazing taste in a perfect environmental setting!

Drinks and sweets!

And then, each and every member of us shared this year's resolutions!

On the way home, we dropped in at Hikawa Shrine to make new year's wishes.

Let's keep our resolutions alive throughout this year!