Free Talk Session (FTS)

Let's Talk about Our Family!



What was your mother's best home cooking recipes?

What's the best memory you have with your father?


Were your parents strict or lenient to you?

Have you seen your parents having a quarrel?

Do you respect your parents?

Your father or your mother, which do you think you took after more?

Are you on good terms with your parents now?

Have you experienced a rebellious period in your life?



Do you have any siblings?

Did you play a lot with your siblings when you were small?

Do you keep in touch with your siblings?

Do you and your siblings have similar characters?


How are you different from your siblings?

Do you have any inheritance issue going on between you and your siblings?

The youngest or the oldest, which do you think is better to be born as?



What do you usually do when you're home with your family?

What kind of activities do you do with your family on weekends?

How often do you dine out with your family?

Do your family members like to go on a family trip?


Family Culture

What time do you have a breakfast usually?

Do you usually have a Japanese-style breakfast? Or, is it a western style?

Do you have dinner together with your family?

What kind of conversation do you have with them over a meal?

What are your roles at home?

Do you have, or did you have, special family rules among your family members?

Did you have a curfew when you were a high school student?

Do you think there should be any difference in roles husband and wife take?



Do you think a husband should take a childcare leave? How long should it be?

How would you describe your child's character?

Is he picky on food?

Are there any places you recommend other parents to take their kids?

What kind of kindergarten do you think suits your kid?

Do you want your kids to go to a private school?

What kind of lessons do you want your kids to take out of school?

What is the best age to let them start learning English?

How can parents promote their kids' curiosities?

Do you think hitting your kids to make them understand things not to do is acceptable?


Other Topics

Who do you most spend with among your family members?

Who is the best chef in your family?

What do you think of forcing married couples to use only the husband's surname?


Key Words


●Family & Relatives

parents / father / daddy / dad / mother / mommy / mom / child / kid / children / kids / son / daughter / brother / sister / siblings / grandparents / grandpa / grandfather / grandma / grandmother / great-grandma / great-grandpa / uncle / aunt / cousin / husband / wife


Characters & Attributes

sunny / cute / cheerful / good / well-behaved / outgoing / active / full of beans / talkative / loud / noisy / shy / reticent / smart / bright / excellent / genius / ill-behaved / rough / reckless / lazy / good for nothing


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