Free Talk Session (FTS)

Let's Talk about Our Friends!


Group of Friends

Do you like hanging out with friends?

How many people do you feel comfortable to hang out with?

What do you like doing with your bestfriend?

What do you like doing with a lot of friends?

Can you easily make friends with new people?

Are you a leader type or a follower type when you're in a group?

Do you think the people who you want to engage have changed over the course of time?

What are differences between coworkers and friends?



School Friends

What's the name of your best friend back in your school days?

How did he or she become your best friend?

What was the worst thing you'd done with your school friends?

Share the best memory with your friends back in your school days!

Are you still in touch with some of your old school friends?

When was the last time you saw them? Do you guys often have a class reunion party?



What kind of activities do you enjoy with your friends?

Offline or online, which setting do you more frequently meet up with your friends?

When do you feel you're closely tied to your friend?

Spending a relaxed time at a coffee shop or going on an adventure, which is your thing?

Do you have friends who inspire you to try something new?



How do you define a good friend, a great friend, and the best friend?

Do you choose your friends carefully? Or do you open-mindedly accept anyone as your friend?

How many friends do you think you have that will stay and help when you're in trouble?

What kind of people do you think you shouldn't make friends with?

Friendship or money and success, which is more important for you?

Have you ever in a toxic relationship?

Have you ever ended a relationship with somebody who hurt you?

Closed community with limited members or open community with a lot of people, which do you like to be in?

Do you believe that you can develop a genuine friendship with someone of opposite gender?

What kind of friendship do you think will withstand the test of time?

Why do you think having good friends are important in your life?


Key Words


●Types of Friends

new friend / old friend / good friend / close friend / best friend / trusted friend / male friend / female friend / classmate / online friend / exfriend / bad friend / fake friend / may mate / my buddy / my bro / my sis


●Characters of Friends

nice / friendly / kind / honest / sincere / thoughtful / organized / integrated / open-minded / elegant / sophisticated / flexible / active / outgoing / easy-going / laid-back / kind / gentle / warm-hearted / funny / energetic / strong / powerful / extroverted / sociable / chatty / showy / insisting / able / competent / quiet / silent / modest / reserved / passive / weak / introverted / withdrawn / pure / naive / simple-hearted / innocent / sinless / virginal / angelic / ingenuous / unsophisticated / annoying / weird / strange / creepy / peculiar / stupid / retarded / crazy / empty-headed / rude / mean / spiteful / evil / cold / stubborn / squared / argumentative / difficult / hard to deal with / aggressive / selfish / self-centered / self-conceited


●Things to Do with Friends

hang out / grab a sandwich / grab a cup of coffee / eat out / dine out / go for lunch / go for dinner / have a cup of tea / go shopping / go see a movie / go for a drive / go for a drink / make a toast / get drunk


文: David

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