SoC Locals is the activity where you can find your local friends who loves to communicate in English! We usually get together at a coffee shop and enjoy chatting whatever the members are interested in. Anyone on a monthly fee plans can become a host and create an event, so join us and enjoy this community bonding!



FTS │ フリー・トーク・セッション

 FTS stand for Free Talk Session, and as it clearly says, we enjoy chatting freely as the conversation flows! Whenever feeling like meeting up, anyone can organize FTS without preparing for it. However, the fee settings would be different based on your English and facilitation skills. Check here to figure out which Host Rank you may be belong to!




LS │ レッスン


    Lesson involves teachings, thus, it's a study. Apparently, it is useful for those who need someone's guidance to learn something new! Local hosts above C rank can offer a service for others, whether it is a group lesson or a private.




Active Areas|稼働中のローカルエリア

〇メンバー数30名以上のエリア: 越谷、東川口

〇メンバー数29名以下のエリア: 北千住、浦和、赤羽王子、大宮、松戸船橋