Seriously, we're not so serious about it!

Hi, I'm David, Organizer of SoC English Cafe! Thank you for visiting our website. We're being a little too party goers compared to your image of academic English speaking societies, but hope you'll also enjoy taking part of it!


We wish we were a bit more serious though...


The size of this beer is also foolishly ridiculous, don't you think so? Hmm, they might be trying to make our blood color yellow..


Seriously. Wait, seriously? Hmm. Anyway, the reason why we are a bit goofier than other language schools is because we want to have fun. We want to live, and we want to have fun. Ridiculously simple it may sound, but it is difficult to live like that unless you seriously make lots of efforts and become determined to live in a goofy manner.


Kids are always, and genuinely not acting seriously. And yet they are harmless. However, as people grow older, you get more serious, judgy, squared, pretentious, comparing, stressed out, and they become protective and harmful, and start losing all the happy things.


Hey, we can kid. Yes, we are kidding!

But hey, let's roll it over. Everyone is not made to have an equal life, but we can enjoy our lives equally no matter what we do, how rich or poor we are, and no matter how old you are. And that is to stay in a relationship where you can goof, where you can be like a kid. Never scared of making mistakes, no worries to be compared with others, always loved by people around you, and it's just like a family relationship, so we proactively share the events that happened in a day, in a week.


We have a right to have fun!

And we're SERIOUS about this. To lead a happy life and stay foolish, we really have to work hard and do and be the best we can. Just kidding can't be an excuse for being irresponsible, so we really need to be seriously kidding.


We have been chained to the given public image "how you should be" for so long. So we made a place where you can kid around, at the same time you grow up as a person, as a communicator, as professional.


Mind need a revolution. And the only way to liberate your mind is, yes, you already know how to do it!


Let's live and enjoy who you really are, while there are people around you who accept you as you are.

Organizer's Profile

I lived in many places such as Kobe, Michigan, Ohio, Hiroshima, Chiba, California, Tokyo, Nagoya, and some more places in my life and loved all the places. I like drinking, playing soccer, playing the guitar, skiing, and also planning and running a new project. I started SoC in 2015 as my fun hobby, not a serious business, and the purpose of which was to make good friends and enjoy myself. I don't serve you, but I enjoy naturally being myself sharing life with you. The concept of SoC "Friendship" still contains everything I love to do in my life.