Our History

2015 Started SoC to make friends and support them!

Jan. David started SoC to make local friends after he moved in to Koshigaya. Initially, we used a lot of original textbook materials, and the purpose was to support friends, with surprisingly cheap price, who want to have more opportunities to communicate in English.


Concept was to make it as reasonable and casual as buying lunch to your English-speaking friend instead of asking him to help you learn English in a friendly manner. Not to mention that it was not designed to gain a profit, it was totally red and therefore the price-setting was based on love and friendship. Instead, it was designed only for friends. Not a student nor a customer, but the members were required to become good friends of SoC. It all started from the idea that friendship is the best way to communicate openly and to develop good relationship equally with everyone.


Apr. Opened a website, and distributed flyers. However, there was no contact and entry for a month. A little disappointed.


May Renewed the flyer design and distributed 20,000 flyers. All of a sudden, we started to get a lot of applications through the website!


Jun. Started E-mail letter.


Aug. Held our first drinking event.


Sep. Minnie started to help SoC by distributing flyers twice or three times a week. Did our first BBQ!


Dec. The number of our members reached 40. Our first year-end party was held!

2016 From an individual to a team!

May The number of our members reached 80. Held two one-day workshops during golden week.


Jun. Some members of SoC joined David to run SoC together to expand the area. Assigned Kelly as Higashi-Kawaguchi manager and Summer as Kitasenju manager and Minnie was distribution leader.


Aug. Started SS in Kitasenju and Higashi-Kawaguchi. Rent a small office in Kita-Koshigaya.


Dec. Held a Christmas party for mommies with babies.

2017 Had a lot of events!

May Incorporated as WASABI company and unified the different services and rules of different areas to enable our members to move and enjoy SS across the borders of areas.


Jul. Kelly gave birth to her second baby! Roco took the charge of Higashi-Kawaguchi. Tatsumi became in charge of Kitasenju.


Aug. Started SS in Shin-Matsudo, Minami-Nagareyama, and Laketown!


Sep. Moved our office from Kita-Koshigaya to Minami-Koshigaya.


Oct. Held our first Halloween party! 


Nov. Started SS in Urawa!


Dec. Our first Wak Wak Walking event! Enjoyed having conversations in English while walking for the whole day. 

Had our first Christmas party titled "Devil's Kitchen" both on 16th and 24th!

2018 A lot of SoC friends in a lot of different areas!

Jan. Went for Wak Wak Walking for the second time. 30 people ranging from in their 20's to 70's walked from Asakusa to Shibuya. Even though there're some dropouts, most reached the goal and drank until the last train!


Mar. Started SS in Omiya and Funabashi!


Jul. Organized two events titled "Ask Foreigners @ Asakusa" and a 1 Day Workshop titled "Fantasy Tour".


Sep. Started SS in Asaka!


Oct. Held a Halloween party at our office!


Nov. Started SS in Akabane!


Dec. Had Christmas party on Christmas eve with all-you-can-eat-and-drink for 7 hours! 

2019 It's ongoing!

Jan. New Year's Parties were held by our MPs at Higashi-Kawaguchi, Urawa, Omiya, Kitakoshigaya and other places!