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English SS (Session)

English SS is a program where you can enjoy having a free talk with SoC friends facilitated by MP. Let's share your stories with everyone in English, and enjoy chatting with all!


【Basic Info】

◇Length of time: 100 min.

◇Venue: Check each area's schedule page.


 ①OPEN SSFree talk, no teaching style

 ②For Beginners SSTalk & some teaching involved

 ③For Mommies SSWith babies and kids

◇Participation: Monthly system(Each time is also available


《Universal Passport》

・Available area: Can join any areas' SS

・Allowed times: Unlimited!!!

・Monthly fee: ¥6,000~¥9,000

(Different depending on the numbers of months you agreed to continue)


《Local Passport》

・Available area: Choose 1 area

・Allowed times:  6 times a month at maximum

・Monthly fee: ¥5,000〜¥7,000

Different depending on the numbers of months you agreed to continue


*Drink order at the venue would be necessary on your own cost.

*Members are expected to split and pay MP's drink cost. 


25 min. slow reading training

In this training, you will read aloud a short conversation script. This training is effective for both honing your listening and pronunciation skills. Whereas you do a lot of outputs in SS, this training gives you a great opportunity to input vocabularies and idioms that you can use in daily conversation. You can naturally get used to sounds and rhythms of conversations in different contexts. Highly recommended to the beginners who are willing to learn!


【Basic Info】

◇Length of time: 25 min.

◇Venue:  Currently held in Higashi-Kawaguchi, Asaka, Omiya, Koshigaya, Funabashi (Not held yet in other areas)

◇Script Types:

 ①DailyHome, school, friends, outing situations, etc.

 ②RelationshipConversations between lovers and couples

 ③TravelingDomestic, abroad, in different occasions

 ④BusinessSituations at work and business

◇Participation fee: (Passport members)500 yen/1 time (Non-passports)1,000 yen/ 1 time (Script included)


*Drink order at the venue would be necessary on your own cost.

*Members are expected to split and pay MP's drink cost. 


Private English Tutoring


Our registered teachers have various experiences and skill-sets such as living abroad for years, high scores in TOEIC exam, long time work experience as an English school teacher or professional translator.

Feel free to consult us first if you're interested in getting a private tutor.


【Basic Info】

◇Length of time: 55 min.

◇Venue:  To be discussed 

◇Lesson fee: (Passport members)2,500 yen / 1 time (Non-passports)3,000~3,500 yen / 1 time (Scripts included)


*Drink order at the venue would be necessary on your own cost.

*Members are expected to split and pay MP's drink cost. 


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Translation Basic Course

In this class, you can learn the basic translation skills. The teacher is Yooichi Shimada, who is a professional sci-fi translator. Students would learn how to read English novels and translate it to Japanese.

Students are expected to translate an article by next week as a homework assignment and share your work in the class.


【Basic Info】

◇Length of time:  90 min.

◇Class day: Saturday 1 pm to 2:30 pm(90 min.)

※Sometimes a class would be closed due to the teacher's work schedule.

◇Venue:  SoC Office & Cafe in Minami-Koshigaya(2nd floor 7-15, Motoyanagida-cho, Koshigaya-city, Saitama)

※2nd floor of the 2-story building in front of 7-11.

◇Class fee: 2,000 yen per class



Born in Tokyo in 1956. Translator of English and German Novels. Teaching Translation Class at Keio University for 14 years. He is a member of Japan Writer's Association and Japan Sci-fi writer's club. 


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Eiken・TOEIC・IELTS Course

We're now preparing this course for students and business persons who want to improve their scores on these exams. 


Basic Grammar Course

For the ones who can't follow conversations at SSs at all, we're now planning to start a basic grammar course that would help you develop better conversational skills.