Q & A

Q: What do you usually DO in SS?

A: We share our daily lives stories in English with everyone in the SS.


The content differs depending on the members or MP, but basically our SS isn't a study style but a chatting style.


More about Cafe SS

Q: Who will be suitable for Free talk SS?

A: Person like below.


・Who likes to rather enjoy conversation than study at the desk.

・Who has not hesitation to talk about herself or himself openly.

・Who feels more comfortable to be good friends than being in a customer's or student's position.

・Who wants to polish up English skills by having real conversation with real people.

・Who is curious about not only English but many other things in the world.


Q: Can I join with my little kid?

A: Of course!


A lot of our staff are mommies who are raising little kids, so we try to make especially weekday morning SS comfortable for mommies. Let's enjoy having English conversation to make our kids used to the English spoken environment as well! 

Q: Are there any age limits?

A: Nope. From a baby of three-month old to seniors in their 80's, lots of people from different generations are communicating as SoC friends.


One of the biggest uniqueness of SoC is that you don't really feel the barrier of ages. Since the very beginning of SoC, we've had this basic idea that it's good to take off the protector of your age. By resetting your age and carrier background and social status, you can meet people and get mingled with them simply as friends. As a result of having this back-to-zero relationship, we can share our lives and learn a lot from friends at different life stages as if we're high school classmates. And this will bring you a new revelation and realization.  

Q: Can we choose the ss we participate? Can we move around?

A: Sure you can!


Depending on the plan you're on, you can either choose one area to join SSs or move around multiple areas freely. You can ask more in detail when you join our free trial session. 


Q: I'm a shy beginner. Can I also join?

A: Yes, sure! SoC is best suited for you!


It should sound contradictory, because we speak in English and are aiming at bettering our English communication skills for sure, but we don't put TOO MUCH importance on the tool itself. That is to say, it is more important to be a person who has many things to share with others and who can open-mindedly speak out without having a sense of fear in front of others than being able to speak with a perfect grammar with nothing interesting to share. Therefore, our focus is on the warm and homey relationship where you can naturally communicate like you do to your family and best friend. Just give it a try, first of all!


Q: Not only a free talk, but I want to take a lesson!

A: Individual private lesson, 25-minute reading training, and some more are available. Check our Service Menu List for further information!