What's SoC?

We are English Conversation Community around Tokyo!

We're an international language practicing community along Tobu Skytree, Saitama Express, Musashino, Tobu Tojyo, Jyoban, and TX Lines. Our concept is "Friendship", so anyone can attend our language lessons with very friendly price. Feel free to contact us!

↑Parents with kids and babies are all welcome! 

People from different backgrounds get together and voice out in English. Just like traveling, you'll encounter something new!

↑A lot of business persons and students join in our weekend SSs!

Meet people through joining SSs, enjoy chatting on, and that's how you naturally become fluent in English.

We sometimes have a big group SS as well as small ones!

Not only to study English, but you come also to see your friends. We get together to share our lives with each other.

Our Concept

Offering Foreign life in Japan!

SoC was founded by our organizer in 2015 as a friendly language community service for the locals who want to improve their communication skills both in English and Japanese. By offering our members good and enough opportunities to communicate with others in their daily lives, we support them learn English and live another life, while in Japan, connected to different kinds of people from who they meet in their everyday lives.


Join with your little ones!
Join with your little ones!

Spending Time with Friends are the best thing in life!

We enjoy BBQ several times a year!
We enjoy BBQ several times a year!

In Japan, many people have an image towards English that it's something to be studied hard until you have a headache, but it's not necessarily true. We all know from experience that we have no stress continuing doing something if it's simply fun. And without continuing it for a long time, you would never achieve something great. So take it easy and get mingled with us, because spending good time with happy friends would make your journey really enjoyable, thus sustainable.


From Local Activity to Universal Meetup!

After running SoC for a year, a lot of members joined in SoC as members. Some out of them joined as staff, and SoC became a teamwork! And we started to have SS at Kitasenju and Higashi-Kawaguchi in 2016. Now we're also holding SSs at areas such as Shin-Matsudo, Minami-Nagareyama, Omiya, Urawa, Funabashi, Asaka and Omiya. We encourage you to move between the local areas and enjoy chatting away! 


June 2016, we welcomed our first staff to start up new areas!
June 2016, we welcomed our first staff to start up new areas!

Means turns out to be the purpose After all.

Wak Wak Walking from Asakusa to Shibuya!
Wak Wak Walking from Asakusa to Shibuya!

Why do you want to speak English? The answers to this question might be different from one to another, but the most common answer would be to communicate and make friends with various kinds of people. Language skills would open the door for you to reach the world with confidence. Whereas you initial purpose might not to make friends on the way you learn English, you might find out that the people you were aiming at to be friends in the future are the ones now in front of you. This is where your purpose and means come together as one.


Back to your ground-Zero.

You've lived yourself for quite a long time by now, and your identity might be already fixed. But some times it is important to get back to your origin, the point where you started all from. We wanted to create a local English speaking community where anyone can be a new self taking off an already worn-out cloth, a place where people from different age groups can hang out just like high school classmates. Back to zero again means that you can become anyone again. At this ground zero, you can reset and start over anytime, and it's our mission to work passionately to make SoC a such place for you!


Yes! Because...

Quality of Life is Friends You Share It with.

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